Getting started

So what is fructose?

It’s a type of sugar which is found in so many types of food and drink, fructose is the one we should really try and avoid.  

So is it a matter of cutting out biscuits, sweets and cakes?  No it isn’t. It’s about looking at labels and seeing what you’re actually eating. It’s about swapping your fructose laden food for good fats and low sugar varieties.  

Fructose is found in so many foods that you just don’t think it will be in. Tomato ketchup, salad cream, low fat yoghurt, chutney, and the list goes on.

The other reason is that fat is not the enemy – good fats are going to help you to free yourself from the fructose addiction, feel well and more than likely lose your excess weight.  

Will you lose weight if you give up fructose?

Yes it’s more than likely that you will lose weight as you are no longer consuming a sugar that your body is storing as fat. 

Ah but I hear you, say isn’t fructose a natural sugar?

Isn’t fructose in fruit? Yes it is. In varying quantities. If you tuck into a banana or a bunch of grapes you are giving yourself a big fructose hit. Natural is not always good. Death cap mushrooms are natural but we wouldn’t tuck into those. Natural does not always equal good.  Eat fruit but don’t be under the illusion that it’s full of goodness because it isn’t. One portion of fruit per day is the maximum you should be having. Choose your fruit well, opting for low fructose varieties. 5 portions of fruit and vegetables per day is what is recommended by the government so go for one portion of fruit and 4 portions of vegetables.  

So what should we look for on labels?

The easiest way to begin to cut down on the fructose in your diet is to flip the packet around and look where it says sugar per 100g (not per portion). Anything under 3 g per 100g and you are going to be cutting down your fructose intake and breaking the addiction. 

If it’s a liquid and it contains sugar then the best place for it is the bin. No liquid should contain sugar.  

No added sugar is something else to watch out for. Just because it says no added sugar does not mean it doesn’t contain sugar.