All about coconut!

All about Coconut!

Those of us who choose to live a fructose free life use coconut in so much of our cooking.  Coconut is not sugar free but it is very low in fructose and has a lovely sweetness to it which you can use. It's also high in saturated fat (so it will be filling, stopping you pining for the fructose), and is high in fibre. It also contains lauric acid which is said to have anti fungal and anti viral properties.

High in saturated fat you say? Well surely I'm going to put on weight. No, the thought is that the fat will be filling and therefore you will not overindulge, which does seem to be the case.


With all the products below make sure you are buying the full fat and unsweetened version.


Types of coconut.

Dessicated coconut – this is finely shredded coconut often used in baking.

Coconut flakes – flaked meat of the coconut. Nice toasted!

Coconut oil – oil extracted from the kernal of mature coconuts. Used in baking and cooking. Solid at room temperature.

Coconut butter – coconut flesh which has been ground into a butter. Used in baking.

Coconut flour – made from dehydrated coconut meat which has then been ground up. It is a gluten free alternative to wheat flour.

Coconut water – only good if it is 100% coconut water.

Coconut milk – made from grated meat of the coconut. Good in smoothies or as an alternative to dairy.

Coconut cream – less water than coconut milk, making it more thick and creamy.