All about books!

Do you want some inspiration as to how you can minimise your fructose consumption and therefore become free of your fructose addiction forever? If so then below are a few books that we feel are good sources of both information and encouragement, to spur you on with your fructose free journey.



I QUIT SUGAR. Sarah Wilson. Pan Macmillan. 2014.

The original Sarah Wilson I quit sugar book. It contains a useful 8 week sugar detox plan which many people find useful. There is also a lot of useful hints and tips for breaking your addiction to fructose.

Sarah has a relaxing non judgmental way of writing which makes you feel you can fall off the no fructose wagon, but pick yourself up and carry on the next day.

Although she markets everything as quitting sugar, Sarah is actually an advocate for eliminating fructose from the diet.

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I QUIT SUGAR FOR LIFE. Sarah Wilson. Pan Macmillan UK. 2014.

This book contains more recipes than I quit sugar. It is interesting and useful if you are looking for inspiration as to how you can live your life fructose free.

Sarah Wilson is probably one of the most commercially popular spokespersons for becoming fructose free.

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I QUIT SUGAR –SIMPLICIOUS by Sarah Wilson. Macmillan, 2015.

This book continues Sarah Wilsons fructose free journey. The main difference is she is concentrating on sustainability and not wasting ANY food when you cook.

A good book if you want to eat healthily.

You could use a few of the recipes or go the whole hog and choose every meal from the book.

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Pure, White and Deadly – How sugar is killing us and what we can do to stop it. John Yudkin. Penguin life. 2016.


This book was first published in 1972 by John Yudkin who was one of the first scientists to raise concern about sugar consumption and its relevance to obesity and heart disease.

This later edition has an introduction by Robert H Lustig, a Professor of paediatrics who also works to highlight the damage excessive sugar is causing us.

The book itself is quite an easy read, simple to understand. Obviously the research is outdated, but the basic principles are there and it is interesting to read the findings of one of the first advocates of lowering our sugar consumption.

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FAT CHANCE – The bitter truth about sugar. Dr Robert Lustig. Fourth Estate. 2013.

Dr Robert Lustig takes us through why we overeat and how we are set up to fail by food companies and organisations that we trust. This book gives us a detailed explanation of what is going on in our bodies when we eat excessively and why the advice we are given to lose weight and eat healthily is often counterproductive.

A good read if you want the facts about what we are doing to our bodies with excessive sugar consumption. All backed up with references so you can check the facts yourself!

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Sweet Poison – Why Sugar Makes Us Fat. David Gillespie. Penguin.2013.

David Gillespie is a vocal advocate for lowering fructose consumption. He takes you through why it is bad for you and how he gave up his addiction for sugar. An easy comfortable read.

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The Sweet Poison Quit Plan: How to kick the sugar habit and lose weight. David Gillespie. Penguin. 2013.

David Gillespie continues his advice about giving up sugar. There are some good hints and tips on exactly how to go about making the change in your diet and lifestyle and his advice is backed up with plenty of evidence.

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The 2016 British Sugar Free Shoppers Guide. David Gillespie. Penguin. 2016.

One of the only guides out there for people trying to avoid fructose in their diet. Very good if you like eating out as it gives the sugar content of the food available in many popular eateries.

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