A little bit about yogurt!

A little bit about yogurt

There are quite a variety of yogurts to choose from: Greek, Greek style, and set yogurt are just three varieties.

Greek yogurt has a thicker consistency as it has been strained three times and most of the liquid (whey) has been strained off. It also has a tangier taste. This reduction in whey also means it has a higher protein content. Greek yogurt contains less bone strengthening calcium than natural yogurt.

Greek style yogurt on the other hand has not been strained and often has artificial thickeners to give it the thicker texture.

Set yogurt has been allowed to set in the pot.

Choose a plain yogurt, added flavours are just added sugar!

Below we have chosen a few yogurts and summarized the sugar content.


Fage total 5% strained natural Greek yogurt

3.0 g sugar per 100g

Onken natural set yogurt

3.4g sugar per 100g

Fage total Greek strained natural set yogurt

3.8g sugar per 100g

Arla skyr Icelandic style yogurt (simply natural)

4.0 g sugar per 100g

Tim's dairy Greek style natural yogurt                                                       

4.9g sugar per 100g

Rachel's organic Greek style natural set yogurt                                                          5.0g sugar per 100g

Yeo Valley Greek style natural yogurt                                                                              5.3g sugar per 100g

Tesco Greek style natural yogurt                                                                                  5.4g sugar per 100g

Yeo valley natural yogurt                                                                                                5.6g sugar per 100g

Morrison’s Greek style yogurt                                                                                      6.2g sugar per 100g

Do not get too hung up on the sugar content of the yogurt you choose. As long as you are having a plain yogurt with no added sugar then you're not going to go far wrong. And don't forget the sugar in plain yogurt is lactose, not fructose. It is fructose we are making an effort to avoid.

Pick your yogurt and enjoy!