Alcohol and fructose



Life is here to enjoy. If you like a drink then it’s best to choose wisely to keep your fructose intake down.

Companies generally don’t publish how much fructose is in their products so there is no exact amounts we can give you.

Beer – no fructose – the sugar is maltose.

Spirits – low in fructose.

Red wine – contains minimal fructose. Dry wine contains less fructose. Generally thought to be 0.3% fructose.

White wine – contains more fructose than red wine. Again, dry wine contains less fructose.

Sparkling wine - contains even more fructose than white wine

Dessert wine – contains a lot more fructose.

Apple cider - has a lot of fructose.

Spirits – low in fructose.

Just a point to make, alcohol contains empty calories. If you’re trying to watch your weight you really need to limit your alcohol intake.

Watch what mixers you have with your drinks as they are often high in sugar/fructose. The best mixer to use is soda water as it contains no fructose.

If you really can’t do without mixer, diet mixers are better. Remember though that they contain sweeteners which you should be trying to avoid.

Last point – it is best to drink alcohol with food then you will slow down the rate at which your liver is having to cope with the fructose/sugar.