7 day meal plan

7 day meal plan

See below for our suggestions on a potential 7 or 14 day meal plan to help you become free of the fructose addiction. These are merely suggestions to help you going. The main rule to remember is to that everything you eat should contain less that 3g per 100g of sugar.

See our other blog posts for advice on "hidden" sugars in the ingredients.

Cacoa Paleo Mug
Full fat yoghurt with blueberries and nuts
Bacon, sausage and eggs
Shredded Wheat
Plain Porridge with blueberries
Overnight oats with blueberries (and stevia at first)

Salad and tuna with mayonaise
Soup and sourdough bread
Salad and homemade quiche
Hummus and pitta bread
Sandwhich (peanut butter, tuna, cheese, ham etc)

Pizza (see our recipe for exact details)
Beef stew
Wholemeal pasta with cheese and tuna
Slow-cooked chicken and potatoes
Chicken Curry

Plain crisps (be aware that these still contain a lot of fat).
Homemade hummous and crackers.
Kale green smoothie

Mustard is a low fructose garnish.
Be wary of tomato ketchup and barbecue sauce, these can often be misleading in the amount of sugar they contain.

General Advice:
When you first give up fructose you will still want to snack. After a few weeks the desire the snack and that craving you feel will begin to disappear. Eventually you will only want 3/4 meals a day.
As always, exercise and other factors may mean you cannot follow this plan exactly but if you start with small swaps and adjustments then you will start to become free of the fructose addiction. #fructosefreeforever